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Introducing BU Gist…

Introducing… The Babcock student has been misunderstood, misinterpreted, and equally underestimated. Our stories all spiced up, looking inviting, twisted to suit itchy ears. We are no different from the stories you hear, ‘cos we are our stories, and these stories must come out right, strictly undiluted. …BU GIST, TELLING THE BABCOCK STORY RIGHT! Continue reading Introducing BU Gist…


So the almighty valentine has come and gone. While the atmosphere is starting to return to normal and the cleaners are disposing the last sets of cake boxes, some exciting news still linger in the air because we babcock students are known for doing extra. Here is a recap of some exciting things that happened on the day of love. THE KING OF VALENTINE: There … Continue reading VALENTINE’S SPECIAL EDITION!

UNIVERSE CITY – episode 4 (friends, acquaintances and fans)

Daniel stared on at this man who had been talking for the last ten minutes, studying the movement of his lips rather than listening to what he was saying “And come to think of it, this opportunity also gives you a platform which you can use to reach out to our audience and possibly convert them into yours. Anyone who reads your excellently written work … Continue reading UNIVERSE CITY – episode 4 (friends, acquaintances and fans)

UNIVERSE CITY – episode 3 (your girlfriend is a popular jingo)

Maraji looked at the mirror as she applied the last of her anti-pimples cream to her face. She took one last look at her white smudged face before walking out of the toilet and to her bed while trying to ignore the noise that her roommate and her friends made as they drooled over an Indian actor they were viewing on a laptop. The Indian … Continue reading UNIVERSE CITY – episode 3 (your girlfriend is a popular jingo)

UNIVERSE CITY – episode 2 (Break up, break down)

Uche’s break up went worse than Daniel had expected. Of course he knew it was going to hurt Faith, but he somehow thought that she would find a way to stomach it.  He was wrong. It was a week and some days ago, the night of the day they arrived school that Uche decided to call his lover out and tell her the sad but usual story … Continue reading UNIVERSE CITY – episode 2 (Break up, break down)

UNIVERSE-CITY – episode 1 (God’s own University?)

A complicated mixture of different varieties of body odour, an unfriendly heat on a hot august afternoon and an inharmonious blend of baritone and bass voices was what welcomed Daniel into the reception area of Bethel Splendour as he walked in, realizing that he was back in God’s own University; Babcock University. He took in the cluster of boys with littered luggage around, all trying … Continue reading UNIVERSE-CITY – episode 1 (God’s own University?)

BUGSCA Audition

We use this medium to invite Artistes, Comedians, Dancers, Poets, Drama Groups and Instrumentalists to showcase their talents at the BUGSCA Gala Night.. Interested groups or individuals would be required to appear for an audition on a given date. BU Gist Student Choice Awards is  an event aimed at recognizing students and staff of the University who have been outstanding during the year as well … Continue reading BUGSCA Audition

Not A Road by Oludipe Samuel Oyindamola

The road to a First Class is not a road; it’s a track. While roads do accommodate everyone and anyone, the lost, and even mere birds of passage; tracks do not! While roads can tolerate diversions and reversals and standstills, tracks cannot! Focus. Resilience. Discipline. As it is with the honours of distinction, these are virtues of the track; of the race, not against your … Continue reading Not A Road by Oludipe Samuel Oyindamola

Choices by Nwachukwu Olusegun

Choices Gray day. The sky and the earth had kissed once more, for the sky seemed to miss the earth—and it expressed this as it poured rain incessantly. ‘Chai! Look at this man! Very wicked. Just because he has a jeep,’ Mama Bisi screamed. ‘They are all alike; this is the fourth one splashing water on us with no regards’. The airport was another world. … Continue reading Choices by Nwachukwu Olusegun